Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity Wall Ties

What is Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity wall ties were first introduced in the early 20th century to provide insulation and protection from dampness due to water ingress.

These ties fixed the inner and outer skins of wall together, however due to the ties being made from iron they would corrode and expand, causing horizontal and stepped cracking within the masonry.

Some older properties were constructed with black ash mortar which is very caustic and aggressive mortar and is known to cause early failure of the wall ties.

The Survey

Our experienced and qualified surveyor will carryout an electrical sweep to the external surfaces of the building to locate a number of existing ties. They will drill small access holes and use an endoscopic camera to examine the condition and type of ties used in the construction. If these ties are found to be in a corroded state and affecting the stability of the walls, we would then provide a replacement specification using stainless steel ties which will be installed externally through the brick or stone rather than the mortar bed joints.

It is often possible to isolate the existing ties to prevent further disruption to the masonry without the need of removing the ties. The surveyor will provide the best solution for each properties needs.