Condensation & Mould Control

What is condensation?

This problem is being found to trouble more and more occupants as a result of the modernization of properties that originally had adequate natural ventilation (i.e. sash windows, ill-fitting doors and open flues) but may now have been transformed to draught proof and under ventilated environments, by the said modifications. Whilst this type of problem can be found in many properties at any time of the year, it is most common in smaller properties during the autumn and winter months. 

Condensation does not in itself cause damage to the structure of the building. It can, however, be aggravated by water ingress from other building defects. Due to the development of the black spot mould growth (Aspergillus niger), it does cause damage to soft furnishings and decorations, and whilst not a health hazard, it can aggravate some existing health conditions such as asthma, as a result of the spores the mould produces.

The Solution – Protreat Method

Over the years progress has been made in developing methods to combat the problem of condensation and the associated formation of mould growths. All have their uses, in differing circumstances and in some cases a combination of methods, and the modification if lifestyles, are required to achieve a complete cure.

Protreat are fully conversant with the majority of systems that area available, and we are able to decide on which system or combination of systems are best suited for your particular problem. Our fully trained surveyors can carry out a comprehensive survey and produce a full specification and quotation for your approval should that prove necessary.


The initial cause of condensation is the inability of the existing air within the property to absorb and retain the air borne moisture (produced by cooking, washing, drying clothes and even breathing). In order to improve the situation, it is important to remove the water laden air and replace it with dry air. This can be done and the majority of the heat from the expelled air retained by the installation of the right type of ventilation system. Protreat now have available a superb range of mechanical (and passive) ventilators, with and without heat exchange capabilities, that can cope with almost every situation.